How to Find the Best Financial Advisor

financial advisor

A financial advisor is someone who offers professional advice on how best to save, invest, and grow your money. The best financial advisors aren’t stockbrokers or accountants, but they are specialists who can help you build a financial safety net, if you find the right one. Do you Need a Financial Advisor? It is possible […]

4 Benefits of Having an Alternative Place to Retire

If you’re in your 50’s or 60’s, you’re probably already wondering where you should retire. You want to be close to your kids, but what about retiring abroad? There are a lot of great reasons why people choose an alternative place to retire outside of the US. Here are 4 benefits for you and your […]

Do You Still Plan To Retire Before Age 70?

Contemplating a plan to retire

I recently saw this title to an article on and paused at the second part: “Then This May Surprise You” The article cited a study by Wells Fargo that cited half of those intending to keep working could not: “roughly half of current retirees who had planned on working until they turned 70 were […]

The Fallacy Of The Bigger Bonus

The bigger bonus

Some time right after the summer ends the bonus chatter begins. Usually the first person to start the conversation on the upcoming bonus season is a loser.  He/she knows it but hope dies slowly in the corporate compensation merry go round. As year-end approaches employees become hardened in their expectations.  Nights out with colleagues self-reinforces what the […]

The 5 Critical Components Of Surviving Job Loss

Fired from job

You’re Fired!  The sad reality is that most people get fired at some time in their career. The bad news for people in their 50’s is that this can be terminal to your retirement plans too.Implicitly we all know it’s hard to get a job at this age.  In addition to age bias, compensation becomes an […]

Why Your Retirement Is A Myth

retirement myth

The retirement planning pundits have finally thrown in the towel. The new leading piece of wisdom to come from this crowd is to work longer before retiring. Recall that other gems have been: Start saving in your 20’s Max out your 401K contributions Take some risk but not too much investing (?!) Now we are […]