My Retirement Rehab was created with one purpose in mind; to help you make a bespoke plan that allows you to be safe and secure in your future, irrespective of your current employment or retirement situation.
Retirement planning used to be the most boring, one-size-fits-all element of the financial world.
But the reality of today’s global financial landscape means the old assumptions no longer apply.
  • We can’t count on 40 years of employment at the same company, or on regular salary increases and promotions.
  • Elements of today’s financial markets often resemble casinos more than they do the solid, gray institutions that were the bedrock of business stability.
  • A senior executive with decades of tenure can be seen as an expensive pension & benefit liability with an excessive salary. Younger, cheaper replacements are a constant threat.
Today there is a massive squeeze occurring to people nearing retirement age. Declining real income, increasing taxes and costs, questionable assets comprising pension funds, global labor outsourcing, and increasing life expectancy all conspire to confound conventional retirement planning.
My Retirement Rehab is about helping other individuals tailor their own robust, adaptable retirement strategy to keep reliable income flowing indefinitely and to be as insulated as possible from global financial shocks.
Ian Bond is a private banking senior executive with over three decades of experience in wealth and asset management with Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Citigroup. He has built major businesses on four continents. Despite his professional responsibility for assets over $100B and revenues over $1B, after the 2008 crash Ian was personally going broke. Within five years he destroyed his debt, became an expat in 2014, and built multiple streams of income to fund his imminent retirement. Ian is also the founder of created to help other executives and professionals rehabilitate their finances and make a prosperous, enduring retirement a reality.
Disclaimer:  My real name is not Ian Bond.  A key element of my retirement advice and planning is to counsel executives to keep their jobs as long as possible. That’s what I’m doing right now. I work at the senior executive level in finance and banking.
As many of you would already know, there is no way to simultaneously provide people the insider secrets the big financial firms never want you to learn about and to be out in the open while doing it.
‘Ian Bond’ has never been interviewed and quoted by Financial Times, Bloomberg, Gulf News, and others. But I have.
‘Ian Bond’ has never worked at a senior level with Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Citigroup. But I have.

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