Women Retirement Outlook

In recent weeks, I’ve been researching more about women, retirement and the options women have. Here’s what I found: -Women lack confidence in their retirement planning -Time off for care-giving negatively impacts retirement -Women are less likely to be offered retirement benefits The list goes on. Keeping up on retirement savings is a big issue […]

Breaking Apart Traditional Financial Advice

This is a guest post by Robert Bockel. I have spent much of my career questioning much of the dogma of what people should be doing with their money and how people can become financially successful. Lately, it’s been occurring more frequently and people are more defensive towards those threatening the sacred cows of personal […]

Retirement Income Series: How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners

I firmly believe that people any age can use an online business to gain financial freedom and fuel retirement. But if you’re just starting out in the online business world, it can take time to learn the ropes. You might think it’s all up to you to run every aspect of your ecommerce business, but […]

6 Best Books to Inspire Entrepreneurship at Any Age

Entrepreneurship has become a popular topic for pre-retirees in recent years. Probably because more than a third of Americans 50 to 64 expect to keep working after traditional retirement age. Staying on at your current job for another 15 years might not sound appealing. Or worse, you might get forced into retirement before you’re ready. […]

How to Go From Broke to Retired in 10 Years

retire broke

You’re in your 50’s and broke. Maybe you feel all alone, but so many others have been in your place. I was, back in 2012. Despite having a cushy corporate banking job, I was hemorrhaging cash. My earnings were down 50% since before the Great Financial Crisis. But 5 years later, I turned it all around […]

The Audi Generation: How Expectations will Ruin Retirement for Boomers

the audi generation

  The Audi Generation: How Expectations will Ruin Retirement for Boomers is republished with the permission of Kurt Rosentreter, CA, CFP, CLU, CIMA, FCSI Senior Financial Advisor, Chartered Accountant, National Course Instructor, Best Selling Financial Author Download this article as a PDF.     Isn’t life good? I make $250,000/year. As a white collar professional […]

5 Easy Ways to Go Broke In Retirement

There are a lot of reasons to worry about finances in retirement. Even if you’ve followed all the traditional wisdom and built a healthy nest egg, you can still end up in a rough spot and retire broke. But if you can spot the common mistakes people make to retire broke, then you can avoid a […]

Your No Nest Egg Retirement Strategy Guide

Retirement planning isn’t what it used to be. The economy, our life expectancies, and the work environment have changed so much. Sticking with the 4% rule is the last thing you need to be doing now. Many people with retirement on the horizon already know they didn’t save enough. And there’s no where near enough years […]

Your Resource Guide on Working in the New Economy

New Economy Resource Guide

“The new economy” first referred to the shift from a manufacturing to service-based economy. Most white collar workers in tall office buildings, or even mid-level managers were a lot less perturbed by this reality than factory workers on the line. But a couple decades down the line, we’re starting to see the impact of the new […]

3 Reasons to Ignore Regular Government Pension Advice

The government pension advice you see online these days is pretty appalling. People ask questions like: How much can I reduce my retirement savings since we’ll have a pension to lean on? And financial advisors will help you estimate the numbers. But that’s not the kind of government pension advice I want to give. It’s […]