How to Go From Broke to Retired in 10 Years

retire broke

You’re in your 50’s and broke. Maybe you feel all alone, but so many others have been in your place. I was, back in 2012. Despite having a cushy corporate banking job, I was hemorrhaging cash. My earnings were down 50% since before the Great Financial Crisis. But 5 years later, I turned it all around […]

Will Gig Work Help With Your Retirement Strategy

You probably already know something about the so-called ‘gig economy.’. It’s a new wave employment model that Millennials are flocking to. Essentially, gig work entails short-term freelance contracts instead of permanent, salaried jobs. Many love the model because it offers the most flexible working environment to-date. But what about those of us with retirement on […]

5 Positive Side Effects of Moving Abroad

I’m generally a very positive person but some time ago I sensed I was becoming less so. I noticed I was not consciously as grateful as usual. In fact, I even looked at others with some envy. This all changed very dramatically when I moved overseas in 2014.   What I really realized is that by relocating overseas I could almost totally reinvent […]

Compensation Drives (Bad) Behavior-The Fiduciary Rule

bad behavior

While the clear majority of financial advisers are honest and moral individuals, it appears we are set to protect those who are not. The fiduciary rule was set to establish standards that put a client’s retirement interests above those advising them.  Keeping the status quo supports a mantle of credibility where none is deserved.   My […]

What’s Keeping You From Starting a Business After 50?

retirement fix

If you’re a late-career professional and behind on your retirement savings, there are a lot of ways to make it up. One retirement fix I love to recommend is starting a side business. Surprisingly, a lot of people balk at the idea. They think starting a business after 50 is an impossible option, with all sorts […]