Retirement Concerns? Time to Move Abroad

retirement concerns

Are you a late-career professional with a less than stellar nest egg? Your retirement concerns are valid, and you’re not alone. The financial crisis hit us all hard, but there are still ways to find a retirement fix. One of my favorite options: moving abroad. Here’s why and how it could become your retirement fix. […]

How Healthcare Can Affect Your Retirement Savings

How healthcare affects retirement can’t be understated. It costs the average couple over the age of 65 $218,000 for 20 years of medical treatment. Some estimates say more. And that’s not about to get better anytime soon. According to the Centers for Disease Control, healthcare costs makes up nearly 18% of our GDP. The healthcare industry […]

Three Reasons To Retire Early Overseas

  In speaking with my friends still living in the U.S., many have now started to consider retiring abroad sooner, rather than later. They have done the traditional retirement math and it doesn’t work. However, today there is a little different notion of “retirement”. People don’t want to scrimp today for something so far in […]

My Retirement Rehab Weekly Round-up

Welcome to the round-up! Below are the posts we read, found interesting and loved this week for a variety of reasons. They are inspiring and thought-provoking and we’d like to share them with you.   OUT OF YOUR RUT Our Health Insurance Premium was Over $21,000 Last Year This is a very informative article that analyzes not […]