Need a Retirement Fix? A Demotion Might Help

You’ve probably heard the common advice on how to improve your retirement savings. Cut expenses, downsize early, etc. But there’s another strategy you probably never thought of: take a demotion. Yes, I mean take a lower position at your current company or a new one for less money. It’s counterintuitive, but it could be your […]

Why Generation X Workers Are Between a Rock and a Hard Place

savings for retirement

I’ve written a few times now about how the robots are out to get your job and destroy your savings for retirement. It’s a popular topic and interesting to discuss as the technology changes daily, but in my opinion, robots are a much smaller threat than the Millennials. Don’t get me wrong — my kids are […]

How to Prepare For a Job Change (Whether You Want it Or Not)

Retirement Concerns

Job change is on the horizon for many late-career professionals today. Maybe you don’t like your career and want to try something different. Or maybe you’re worried about losing your job. Late-career job loss is a legitimate retirement concern, even if your boss is happy with your work. Career corporate workers are becoming obsolete thanks […]