The Upside of Working Online After Retirement

working online after retirement

  So you’re retiring soon but should you? It’s prudent for Gen-X and baby boomers to consider work after retirement for financial stability as they age. But did you know that working online after retirement is easier than finding another job? If you’ve decided to stay at your current job rather than retire, that’s great! […]

The Most Affordable Places to Retire in the World For 2020

Retire in Portugal

The Most Affordable Places to Retire in the World We’ve been doing some research and each year our list changes. Have a look and see if any of these retire abroad places will work for you. The are some of the most affordable places to retire in 2020. As you prepare to retire after decades […]

Chiang Mai Retirement Living: The Good, The Bad And The Cheap

Chiang Mai at Night

Overlooking Chiang Mai at Night  If retiring abroad is your plan and you think Thailand suits your tastes, it’s important to understand what you’re giving up and what you’re gaining before you make plans to move. I have first hand knowledge of Chiang Mai after many visits over the last few years and my goal […]

The Truth About Retiring Overseas On A Budget

retiring overseas on a budget

Can I still work if I retire overseas? If you’re thinking of getting a part-time job during retirement abroad or starting a second career, you’ll need to look into the legal regulations of the country in question. In most cases, you will need to have a business visa to legally work in another country. Some […]

Online Jobs For Retired Couples Abroad

retire abroad

You probably already know that moving abroad is a good move if you want to stretch your retirement dollars further. It’s a smart idea and you should do it. But if your finances are already tight, that leaves some big questions: Where will you get the money to finance moving abroad for retirement? When you’re […]

Retirement Visa Thailand: How to Retire Abroad in Thailand

retire to thailand

The world we live in is changing quicker than ever. While that can make things hectic and hard to keep up with at times, it’s also opening up new and exciting opportunities for people reaching retirement age. For many previous generations, the fantasy of living out your retirement on a beach in an exotic part […]

How To Make Money at 60 Years Old

how to make money at 60 years old

Here’s your guide on how to make money at 60 years old. Freelancing online is a proven way for pre-retirees to build an extra stream of income to boost their savings. You can work part-time or just work from home during retirement, instead of spending 10+ extra years at the office. Not convinced you’re ready/able […]

Women Retirement Outlook

In recent weeks, I’ve been researching more about women, retirement and the options women have. Here’s what I found: -Women lack confidence in their retirement planning -Time off for care-giving negatively impacts retirement -Women are less likely to be offered retirement benefits The list goes on. Keeping up on retirement savings is a big issue […]

Work From Home Mom’s Story: Zero Experience to $2MM In Sales In 2 Years

All married women with school age children fall somewhere on the “Mom Guilt” spectrum. On the one hand, having a career is satisfying and fulfilling, but might leave you feeling like you can’t dedicate enough time to family. On the other hand, once you decide not to work, you might end up feeling like a […]

11 Ways to Make Extra Income From Home In Retirement

make extra income from home in retirement

Online entrepreneurship isn’t just for Millennials and Gen Y. Many retirees don’t realize they already have all the skills they need to make extra income from home in retirement in 2019. This isn’t the traditional advice you get from your financial advisor but you can earn extra cash without jeopardizing your social security. There are […]