Women Retirement Outlook

In recent weeks, I’ve been researching more about women, retirement and the options women have. Here’s what I found: -Women lack confidence in their retirement planning -Time off for care-giving negatively impacts retirement -Women are less likely to be offered retirement benefits The list goes on. Keeping up on retirement savings is a big issue […]

What To Do After Retirement If You Need More Money

Are you a workaholic who dreads the day your career ends? More likely, you’ve realized you need more income if you’re going to enjoy retirement at all. If you’re wondering what to do after retirement, becoming a late-in-life entrepreneur should be a consideration. If you’re having doubts, you’ll be surprised to hear that entrepreneurs over […]

Work From Home Mom’s Story: Zero Experience to $2MM In Sales In 2 Years

All married women with school age children fall somewhere on the “Mom Guilt” spectrum. On the one hand, having a career is satisfying and fulfilling, but might leave you feeling like you can’t dedicate enough time to family. On the other hand, once you decide not to work, you might end up feeling like a […]

11 Ways to Make Extra Income From Home In Retirement

make extra income from home in retirement

Online entrepreneurship isn’t just for Millennials and Gen Y. Many retirees don’t realize they already have all the skills they need to make extra income from home in retirement in 2019. This isn’t the traditional advice you get from your financial advisor but you can earn extra cash without jeopardizing your social security. There are […]

Entrepreneurs Over 50 Reveal How To Make Money After Retirement

make money after retirement

  There are many ways in which you can make money after retirement. Many people don’t want to retire because their income reduces and it can be difficult for an active person to not have anything to do. Maybe you want to work only a few hours per day or maybe you want to build […]

Breaking Apart Traditional Financial Advice

This is a guest post by Robert Bockel. I have spent much of my career questioning much of the dogma of what people should be doing with their money and how people can become financially successful. Lately, it’s been occurring more frequently and people are more defensive towards those threatening the sacred cows of personal […]

Why You Need an Online Business Mentor

online business mentor

Need to boost your income to prepare for retirement? Start an online business. That’s what I love to recommend. In a lot of ways, starting an online business is really easy. You don’t need a lot of capital. You can set up a website yourself, with no tech skills whatsoever. You can work on it […]

Your Resource Guide on Working in the New Economy

New Economy Resource Guide

“The new economy” first referred to the shift from a manufacturing to service-based economy. Most white collar workers in tall office buildings, or even mid-level managers were a lot less perturbed by this reality than factory workers on the line. But a couple decades down the line, we’re starting to see the impact of the new […]

3 Reasons to Ignore Regular Government Pension Advice

The government pension advice you see online these days is pretty appalling. People ask questions like: How much can I reduce my retirement savings since we’ll have a pension to lean on? And financial advisors will help you estimate the numbers. But that’s not the kind of government pension advice I want to give. It’s […]

How Healthcare Can Affect Your Retirement Savings

How healthcare affects retirement can’t be understated. It costs the average couple over the age of 65 $218,000 for 20 years of medical treatment. Some estimates say more. And that’s not about to get better anytime soon. According to the Centers for Disease Control, healthcare costs makes up nearly 18% of our GDP. The healthcare industry […]