The Most Affordable Places to Retire in the World For 2020

Retire in Portugal

The Most Affordable Places to Retire in the World We’ve been doing some research and each year our list changes. Have a look and see if any of these retire abroad places will work for you. The are some of the most affordable places to retire in 2020. As you prepare to retire after decades […]

Chiang Mai Retirement Living: The Good, The Bad And The Cheap

Chiang Mai at Night

Overlooking Chiang Mai at Night  If retiring abroad is your plan and you think Thailand suits your tastes, it’s important to understand what you’re giving up and what you’re gaining before you make plans to move. I have first hand knowledge of Chiang Mai after many visits over the last few years and my goal […]

The Truth About Retiring Overseas On A Budget

retiring overseas on a budget

Can I still work if I retire overseas? If you’re thinking of getting a part-time job during retirement abroad or starting a second career, you’ll need to look into the legal regulations of the country in question. In most cases, you will need to have a business visa to legally work in another country. Some […]

Retirement Concerns? Time to Move Abroad

retirement concerns

Are you a late-career professional with a less than stellar nest egg? Your retirement concerns are valid, and you’re not alone. The financial crisis hit us all hard, but there are still ways to find a retirement fix. One of my favorite options: moving abroad. Here’s why and how it could become your retirement fix. […]

Online Jobs For Retired Couples Abroad

retire abroad

You probably already know that moving abroad is a good move if you want to stretch your retirement dollars further. It’s a smart idea and you should do it. But if your finances are already tight, that leaves some big questions: Where will you get the money to finance moving abroad for retirement? When you’re […]

Retirement Visa Thailand: How to Retire Abroad in Thailand

retire to thailand

The world we live in is changing quicker than ever. While that can make things hectic and hard to keep up with at times, it’s also opening up new and exciting opportunities for people reaching retirement age. For many previous generations, the fantasy of living out your retirement on a beach in an exotic part […]

15 Cheapest Places to Retire Abroad in 2019

cheapest places to retire

On the lookout for the cheapest places to retire abroad? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Retiring abroad on a white sandy beach might be a dream, or it can be a necessity. None of us have the nest eggs our parents did, and living in the US isn’t getting any cheaper. There are […]

Jobs After Retirement Series: Buy or Build a Business for Supplemental Income

buying and online business

Now more than ever, there are people seeking jobs after retirement to supplement their retirement income and flexible work options are important. In magazines like AARP you’ll see articles about being a park ranger and pet sitter but there are numerous benefits to running your own home business after you’ve retired. First, it’s a great […]

Why You Need an Online Business Mentor

online business mentor

Need to boost your income to prepare for retirement? Start an online business. That’s what I love to recommend. In a lot of ways, starting an online business is really easy. You don’t need a lot of capital. You can set up a website yourself, with no tech skills whatsoever. You can work on it […]

The Bottom 10 Worst Places to Retire

worst place to retire

Thinking about relocating to another state for retirement? That could be a smart idea if you want to stretch your retirement dollars a little further. Social Security benefits do increase with local inflation, but never at the rate you earned when you were a worker. If your home state is getting more and more expensive, […]