Why You Need an Online Business Mentor

online business mentor

Need to boost your income to prepare for retirement? Start an online business. That’s what I love to recommend. In a lot of ways, starting an online business is really easy. You don’t need a lot of capital. You can set up a website yourself, with no tech skills whatsoever. You can work on it […]

Your Job Loss Resource Guide

Your Job Loss Resource Guide Job loss is a big worry for every generation, but it’s a special issue if you’re getting ready for retirement. Maybe you’ve been working in the same field for 30 years, and don’t have any commutable skills. Maybe you’re a great employee, but your position is becoming automated. Maybe you […]

Mind The Gap, Then Fund The Gap

  Most retirement plans created for Baby Boomers predicted that the last decade of work before retiring would be a nice gentle ride. Lofty incomes and kids leaving the nest after college would allow you to accumulate a comfortable cushion for the leisure years. But this isn’t happening. After the Great Financial Crisis, incomes for […]

Why Generation X Workers Are Between a Rock and a Hard Place

savings for retirement

I’ve written a few times now about how the robots are out to get your job and destroy your savings for retirement. It’s a popular topic and interesting to discuss as the technology changes daily, but in my opinion, robots are a much smaller threat than the Millennials. Don’t get me wrong — my kids are […]

How to Prepare For a Job Change (Whether You Want it Or Not)

Retirement Concerns

Job change is on the horizon for many late-career professionals today. Maybe you don’t like your career and want to try something different. Or maybe you’re worried about losing your job. Late-career job loss is a legitimate retirement concern, even if your boss is happy with your work. Career corporate workers are becoming obsolete thanks […]

Your Retirement Fix: Stop Listening to Your Own Excuses

  I’ve written extensively on this blog and elsewhere about how you can fix your retirement, no matter your age, debt, or living situation. I’ve led by example, pulling myself away from the brink of bankruptcy using my own strategy. But I know there are some readers with tools in hand, who will never use […]

Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

  People like to discuss robots taking our jobs like it’s a possibility. Will it happen? If so, when? BBC even assembled a helpful calculator that determines the chances robots will take over your job based on your professions. But it looks like people are wasting their energy on if’s and when’s. All signs are […]

My Retirement Rehab Weekly Round-up

Welcome to the round-up! Below are the posts we read, found interesting and loved this week in for a variety of reasons. Some of them were the MOST SHARED posts in retirement for the week. We think you’ll like them too.   The most shared posts in retirement last week. People are worried that Trump […]

Full-time Employment Is Going Extinct (And That’s The Good News)

If you’re a late-career professional, you have a lot to think about for retirement planning. You probably haven’t saved enough yet, and you worry about those Millennials out to get your job. Here’s some new research out of Harvard and Princeton that could add to your woes: 10 million jobs have created between 2005 and […]

My Retirement Rehab-Weekly Retirement Round-Up

    Welcome to the Round-up! Below are the posts we read and loved this week for a variety of reasons. We think you’ll like them too.   Whatever happened to Wall Street’s Old, Unwanted Salesman? “In the new Wall Street, there are simply fewer jobs. Post-crisis rules to curb risk-taking and shrinking bond-trading revenues […]