Why Retirement Planning Fails

We’ve all heard the traditional wisdom out there about retirement planning. The 4% rule. Basically, it means you need to have enough money to be able to withdraw 4% of the balance every year during retirement. This traditional wisdom is off for a lot of reasons — for one, it assumes you’re going to run […]

Full-time Employment Is Going Extinct (And That’s The Good News)

If you’re a late-career professional, you have a lot to think about for retirement planning. You probably haven’t saved enough yet, and you worry about those Millennials out to get your job. Here’s some new research out of Harvard and Princeton that could add to your woes: 10 million jobs have created between 2005 and […]

Job Loss Affects You Beyond The Bank Account

  I’ve written before about the health impacts of having a corporate job and the toll financial stress takes on your life. And in my opinion, these negative health consequences are a very good reason why you should move forward with the best retirement plan for you, like becoming an entrepreneur. That said, I never […]

How Much Savings Do You Need for Retirement?

How much do you need in your savings for retirement? It’s a big question no matter where you’re at in life. After all, if you’re in your 50’s, you’re only about 15 years from the traditional retirement age. That’s not a lot of time to save up. And according to an analysis from the Government […]