My Retirement Rehab-Weekly Retirement Round-Up

    Welcome to the Round-up! Below are the posts we read and loved this week for a variety of reasons. We think you’ll like them too.   Whatever happened to Wall Street’s Old, Unwanted Salesman? “In the new Wall Street, there are simply fewer jobs. Post-crisis rules to curb risk-taking and shrinking bond-trading revenues […]

5 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job On Your Own Terms

Most of us have dreamed about walking away from our job at one time or another. Even if you have a great salary, great benefits and fun coworkers, your job can be a drag if you’re not passionate about it. So you always think of reasons to stay and avoid the prospect of financial crisis. […]

What You’re Doing Wrong And The Retirement Fix

Newspaper showing financial crisis headline

You realize you have a complex set of unknowns to tackle when you start thinking about retirement. Have you adjusted to the last bad break? It’s possible another one will hit. It can feel like you are personally under attack and you are.  Fortunately, you are not alone. There is a retirement fix. Most corporate executives in […]

How Much Does Financial Stress Weigh?

The Weight of Financial Stress

Can a fully-loaded military bag feel as heavy as financial stress you carry? The normal weight of a fully loaded Army backpack is somewhere between 40 and 65 pounds.  I’m told it can depend on a lot of things like extra ammunition, a radio, etc.  For a normal 200 pound soldier this puts the additional […]

The Fallacy Of The Bigger Bonus

The bigger bonus

Some time right after the summer ends the bonus chatter begins. Usually the first person to start the conversation on the upcoming bonus season is a loser.  He/she knows it but hope dies slowly in the corporate compensation merry go round. As year-end approaches employees become hardened in their expectations.  Nights out with colleagues self-reinforces what the […]