The Best Way to Attack Debt and Gain Financial Freedom


Debt is a problem all demographics of Americans struggle with. The total amount of consumer debt in the US is nearly $2.4 trillion. Younger generations have bright futures to think about, but if you’re over 50, there’s a reality to face: How are you going to stop accruing debt and start saving retirement? As a […]

5 Reasons to Be Concerned About Another Financial Crisis

  With the most recent financial crisis in our hindsights, many Americans are sighing with relief. We made it through. And if you’re in your 50’s, maybe you’re thinking: There won’t be another recession before I retire. I’ll be fine. Maybe. I don’t mean to ruin your optimistic outlook, but there are some worrying signs […]

How to Build a Contingency Plan With No Extra Money

People with comprehensive financial planning always consider contingencies. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there have been 10 recessions in the past 6 decades. So if you plan for contingencies like a financial crisis, you’re not cautious, you’re smart. Still, building a contingency plan can be hard, especially if you’re planning for retirement […]

Do You Still Plan To Retire Before Age 70?

Contemplating a plan to retire

I recently saw this title to an article on and paused at the second part: “Then This May Surprise You” The article cited a study by Wells Fargo that cited half of those intending to keep working could not: “roughly half of current retirees who had planned on working until they turned 70 were […]