3 Things to Consider When Starting a Business in Retirement

Business in Retirement

3 Things to Consider When Starting a Business in Retirement It’s been said for several years now that traditional retirement is dead. There was once a time when your parents and grandparents lived about 10-15 years after retiring. With an increase in our life spans, you might have 20-30 years in this next stage of […]

The Ultimate Guide To Retirement Work At Home

retirement work

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Ready to do things on your terms now? If you’re over 50 and thinking of starting a small business to supplement your retirement benefits like social security, you’re far from alone. Retirees and near-retirees the world over are becoming aware that their retirement is going to cost more than they planned for. They’re looking […]

Retirement Planning with an Inverted Yield Curve 

inverted yield curve

The term “inverted yield curve’ is all over the news these days. Most people don’t know what this term means. Even fewer people know why it should matter to them. Here’s what it means and why you should care. More importantly, I’m going to tell you what you should do to prosper in this environment. Economics […]

Living in Turkey as an Expat or Retiree

living in Turkey

If you look at pictures of Turkey online, the image is that of an idyllic getaway. In fact, we think Istanbul is the cheapest, world class city to retire to today and it makes living in Turkey a fabulous choice for retiring abroad. The cost of living is low, high-quality healthcare is affordable, and there’s […]

Breaking Apart Traditional Financial Advice

This is a guest post by Robert Bockel. I have spent much of my career questioning much of the dogma of what people should be doing with their money and how people can become financially successful. Lately, it’s been occurring more frequently and people are more defensive towards those threatening the sacred cows of personal […]